Filip Ruciński

F i l i p  R u c i ń s k i (Philip, Shivanand Shastri, b. July 1976) - Sanskritist and philologist, co-funder of the Foundation Vivaswan (Dedicated to Culture and Science of India). He studied Advaita Vedanta at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University (Varanasi, India) and Indology at the University of Warsaw (Poland). His fields of interest and research include Sanksrit phiosophical literature, Abhinavagupta's philosophy and aestetics, theory of language and cognition, yoga, Sanskrit poetry, literature and music. He has been teaching Sanskrit for many years in India (SRSG) and in Poland (University of Warsaw). 


In addition to his competency in Indian philology and Sanskrit, he is also licenced tour leader with recommendation from the Orion Tours (Biuro Turystyki Orion, Warsaw); he has planned and carried out several successful cultural and educational programs in India. 


Selected printed research publications: 

- Filip Ruciński: Doctrine and practice of Kashmir Shaivism according to Tantrasāra of Abhinavagupta. [MA dissertation in Polish], University of Warsaw 2009.

- Filip Ruciński: Tantrasāra by Abhinavagupta. Translation, exposition and edition of selected chapters (I-V, VI, VIII, XXI). Journal of Indological Studies, University of Warsaw 2014, pp. 123-186.

- Filip Ruciński: Kashmiri Poetess Lal Ded. In: Przegląd OrientalistycznyPolish Oriental Society, Warsaw 2014, pp. 59-73 [includes the translations from old Kashmiri]. 
- फ़िलिप रुचिंस्की (शिवानन्दः शास्त्री): प्रत्यभिज्ञादर्शने योगविमर्शः [Reflection in Yoga in the Pratyabhijñā Philosophy]. In: आचार्यः ए.पि.सच्चिदानन्दः (ed.): योगध्यानयोःपालिप्राकृतसंस्कृतवाङ्मयानां योगदानम् । अन्ताराष्ट्रियसङ्गोष्ठ्याः शोधपत्रसङ्ग्रहः।  राष्ट्रियसंस्कृतसंस्थानम्, राजीवगांधीपरिसरः, शृंगेरी 2018:  पृ . 98 - 105.