Learning Indian Music (online classes)

Recommended for professional and amateur musicians.








Masters who cherish the traditional Indian style of 'gayki' - Banaras gharana, characterized by special melodiousness and charming mood.  

Intercultural Teacher Training Yoga Courses in Thailand 2020



Intercultural Teacher Training Yoga Courses in Thailand
(for the second time)

Due to the Covid, the program in 2020 is cancelled 

03.10.2020 – 24.10.2020      (check-in 8 am, check out 12 pm) 
(2) 01.11.2020 – 22.11.2020      (check-in 8 am, check out 12 pm) 

Intense Summer Course of Sanskrit, 24 June - 14 July 2019

Intense summer course of Sanskryt 
with Vedic recitations and Yoga classes

in Tatra Mountains

24 June - 14 July 2019

Experienced lecturers from India and Poland. 

The way of teaching:
easy and pleasant
the most effective mnemotechnic method 

Study of Sanskrit scriptures and literature (yoga, philosophy and other) - year 2020


Individually or in small groups

Hosted  by: Dr. Tomasz Ruciński
Time: To be set individually (recurring meetings, weekdays and weekends)
Place: Warsaw (Sadyba)
Cost: To be set individually

Dance and music from the heart of India


For the first time in Poland it is possible to get regular courses of classical Indian music and dance from the Indian professional artist. Indian Embassy in Warsaw – as a part of promotion of Indian culture – invited for the longer period of time two distinguished musiciens, Mrs. Jigna Dixit who is a professional dancer of classical kathak dance, oraz Mr. Jignesh Sheth, versatile instrumentalist and virtuose of tabla drums. The couple - husband and wife - are now engaged in the cultural activites in Poland on behalf of the Embassy of India. 

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Intercultural Teacher Traing Yoga Courses in Thailand - Oct 2019 & Nov 2019

Intercultural Teacher Training Yoga Courses in Thailand
(with sightseeing of Thailand)

(1) 03.10.2019 – 24.10.2019
(2) 30.10.2019 – 27.11.2019 within which yoga course period: 01.11.2019 – 22.11.2019. 

Duration of the yoga course: 21 days.