Readings Sanskrit scriptures on yoga, philosophy and other literature 2020

03/01/2019 to 22/12/2020


Hosted  by: Dr. Tomasz Ruciński (PhD)
Time: To be set individually (recurring meetings, weekdays and weekends)
Place: Warsaw (Sadyba)
Cost: To be set individually

We invite everyone interested in learning the meaning of Sanskrit texts in individual lessons or small classes, consultations and seminars with Dr. Tomasz Ruciński. Yoga texts: YogasūtrasHathayogapradīpikāYogatāravalīGheraṇḍasaṁhitāYogavāsiṣṭhasaṃgrahaVijñānabhairava, writings of Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj (Hindi) and many others to choose, also from other fields.

Appointments only by phone and directly with Dr. Tomasz: +48 22 8428891.

Dr. Tomasz Ruciński (born 1947) - an engineer, philosopher and indologist by education, a philosopher and yogi by vocation, completely devoted to yoga learning and practice. He is one of the pioneers of yoga in Poland, an outstanding expert in it and an erudite scholar in Sanskrit. He completed his studies at the University of Warsaw (philosophy and indology) as well as ingineering at Warsaw Polytechnic and defended his PhD on "The concept of Absolute in Brahmasutras". In the years 70-80th for over a dozen years he lectured on Indian philosophy and Sanskrit lead seminars and lectures at various universities in Poland. He stayed in India for about two years and visited also Nepal. He currently lives in Warsaw and conducts individual consultations and classes.

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