Śivānandalaharī - Surge of Shiva's Happiness

"Surge Shiva's Happiness" (Śivānandalaharī) - is a Sanskrit hymn composed by Adi Shankaracharya, one of India's greatest philosophers and a yogi. He is believed to have written it at Shrishailam, the "Beautiful Mountain", in South India in the temple of the Shiva, known there by the name 'Mallikārjuna'. Mallikārjuna literally means the arjuna tree entwined with jasmine. This temple, while being one of the 12 most sacred Shivaite shrines, is also one of the most sacred places or shrines to the Goddess. God Siva and his spouse, the Power of the World, are worshipped in this place and in this hymn as the inseparable unity, signifying a state of absolute fulfillment. 

From the author's contemplation of this fulfillment comes a song full of love and poetic metaphors reflecting the path to perfection, as well as numerous allusions to themes from the legends of Shiva and the different gods. The master translator, Dr. Anna Rucińska, by rendering in Polish the poetic, philosophical and mystical qualities of the original work, has created a song that touches the soul and awakens the heart. The legendary themes are expanded upon in the extensive endnotes.

Title: Śivānandalaharī - Surge of Shiva's Happiness
Original title: शिवानन्दलहरी
Author: Adi Siankaracharya
Author of the translation: Anna Rucińska
Pages: 99
Binding: soft
ISBN: 978-83-938477-9-2
Publisher: Vivaswan Foundation 
Year of publication: 2020
Price: 40 PLN

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