Interview with Skarbimirem Ruciński (Yoganand Shastri) in DD News TV Channel

In January 2020 the interview with Skarbimir has been taken in Sanskrit channel DD News. The whole interview is in Sanskrit . To begin with, Skarbimir told briefly about his Family and his Sanskrit studies in Varanasi, then about Polish Indologists and Sanskrit learning in Poland. He enumerated big Polish Sanskritologists starting from Walenty Skorochód Majewski (1764 – 1835) and ending the Indologists from University of Warsaw and Jagielloniang University who contributed to Sanskrit learnings. He also demonstrated the striking similarities of Polish language to Sanskrit. At the end he showed his electronicdevice constructed by his Atreyo Research and Development company (Ahmedabad) with engraved in Sanskrit in tiny letters:  भारते निर्मितम््- e.g. "Made in India".