New Himalayan Paths. A Cultural tour to Kullu Valley, Lahaul, Zanskar and Northern Ladakh, 05 - 29 July, 2024

08/07/2024 to 31/07/2024


Welcome for cultural trip to the remote regions of the Himalayas - to the northern areas of the state of Himachal Pradesh and the Zanskar region of Ladakh. The trip aims to explore the remote cultures of these regions and spiritual dimensions of their life and philosophy.


Delhi - Kalka - Simla - Rivalsar - Vasishth - Manali - Rohtang Pass - Keylong - Purni - Phugtal - Padum - Suru Valley - Kargil - Arj Valley - Takmachik - Alchi - Likir - Leh - Delhi.





Day 0 Departure.
Day 1 Delhi. Drive to Kalka.
Day 2 Take the narrow-gauge railway to Simla. Simla.
Day 3 Sightseeing tour of Simla.
Day 4 Simla.
Day 5 Revalsar. (Guru Padmasambhava cave and Lomash Rishi's Ashram). Drive to Manali. Accommodation at Vasishth village near the hot springs.
Day 6 Bathing in the hot springs. Sightseeing tour of Manali.
Day 7 Drive over Rohtang pass to Udhampur and Keylong.
Day 8 Visit to the monasteries at Keylong (Lahaul).
Day 9 Visit to the monasteries in Keylong (Lahaul).
Day 10 Before dawn, departure towards Zanskar. Overnight stay in Purne.   
Day 11 Walking to Phugtal monastery. Overnight at the monastery.
Day 12 Phugtal. Stay at the monastery. Drive to Padum. Accommodation in Padum.
Day 13 Hike to Karsha Monastery (Karsha Gompa). Return to Padum for overnight stay.
Day 14 Visit to Zangla Palace Castle and Stongdey Monastery. Overnight stay in Padum.
Day 15-16 (July 20 and 21) Attend Naro Nasjal festival - in honour of Naropa ('cham' dances with masks). Unveiling of a statue of Naropa (only once a year). Overnight in Padum.
Day 17 Drive to Suru valley and Kargil. Overnight in Kargil
Day 18 Drive to the 'Arj Valley' of Ladakh, home to the Brokpas, an Indo-European people originating from the Hunza Valley (the land of longevity) and believed to be descendants of Alexander the Great. Overnight.
Day 19 Learn about the Brokp people and culture. Drive to Takmachik, an eco-village in Ladakh. Learning about the rural traditions of Ladakh.
Day 20 Ladakh eco-village.
Day 21 Lamayuru, Khalsi, Alchi. Drive to Leh. Accommodation.
Day 22 Leh.
Day 23 Transfer to Delhi. Accommodation in Delhi.
Day 24 Transfer to airport, departure, return home.

Requirements: physical fitness, no serious cardiovascular, heart, head, lung, joint or spinal or psychiatric illnesses, respect for the mountains, curiosity about distant cultures, striving for self-improvement and overcoming one's weaknesses. Those with a fear of heights should seriously consider before deciding. Food will be only vegetarian (mainly organic).

Preparation: Regular gymnastics/yoga/walking, keeping fit and healthy. You should also familiarise yourself with the specifics of the areas visited and the character of Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism of the areas.

Degree of difficulty: Participants will experience long drives through mountain serpentines. No special trekking skills or familiarity with the mountains are required.

Limit of persons:  Minimum number of people: 4, maximum: 8

Programme’s main features:

(1) Himachal Pradesh culture:
- Shimla University,
- Lecture on culture and religions of Himachal Pradesh
- National Museum (overview of folk traditions).
- Viceroy's palace (Institute of Advanced Studies),
- historic toy train (travelling over bridges and through tunnels through forested mountains),
- hot sulphur springs,
- the wooden architecture of the kathkuni.

(2) Lahaul culture and monasteries:
- monasteries: Kardang Gompa (900 years old), Shashur Gompa, Tayul Gompa,
- scenic confluence of the Chandra-Bhaga river / 'Moon' and 'Sun' rivers),
- fitness-building walks through meadows and fields with wide views

(3) Zanskar and Ladakh culture:
- The most inaccessible monastery complex of Phugtal Gompa. Meeting monks and hermits, learning about their lives
- Visiting the Sani Monastery, the oldest in all of Ladakh, and attending a masked dance (Chau) performance during the Sani Naro Nasyal festival.
- Important and beautiful, Alchi monasteries (UNESCO).
- Visiting the Arya Valley and the settlement of the descendants of soldiers of Alexander the Great
- A stay in an Eco-village
- Flight over the Himalayas

Education during the programme:

- Morning and evening meetings for Yoga and self-improvement exercises: effective breathing, meditation, gymnastics; lectures on Indian culture, Buddhism and Himalayan folk culture.  

Luggage allowance: A luggage allowance of 15 kg/person is set. Those with heavier luggage will be required to leave some of it in Delhi (with the possibility of collecting it before returning). We may deviate from the rule in the last 5 days of the programme due to possible souvenir shopping during this time.


-Read the General Terms and Conditions of Foundation Programmes
-Contact via the Applicatuion Form, by email or by phone,
-When you have accepted your participation, we will send you a Framework Programme, Practical Tips and Declaration to sign.
-Followed by an enrolment fee of PLN 2000.
-After signing up, you will need to purchase an air ticket according to the indicated arrival time
-Remaining cost, €2100 to cover local costs should be paid in cash in Euro or USD on the day the programme starts in India

Costs included in this amount include:
- Guidance by the qualified tour leader,

- all transport within India (airport transfers, 2AC class train, heritage train, hired vans / cars,
- Leh-Delhi flight ticket
- all accommodation (hotels, guest houses, private accommodation, hospitality with locals)

- minimum two healthy, vegetarian meals a day
- costs of guides and group leader

The programme is organised in friendly cooperation with residents of India.


Idea and organization: Filip Ruciński
Other faculty:

Filip Rucinski: email: filip [dot] rucinski [at] gmail [dot] com.

**This proposal, all information and data contained herein, does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and does not constitute and cannot be considered an organised commercial, tourist or other similar activity. The submitter of the proposal is not responsible for its conduct, in particular for any damage, to person or property, which may occur to the participant. Participants are obliged to buy accident and health insurance and, on a voluntary basis, insurance for other damages, including flight cancellation, on their own.

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