Shakta View in Tantrik Literature

Shakta View in Tantrik Literature by Gopinath Kavaraj (1887-1976) contains philosophical articles of one of most prominent contemporary Indian philosophers and a yogi. The original text was written in the Hindi language and in 1965 awarded the prestigious prize of India’s National Academy of Letters (Sahitya Academy) for its significant input into the development of the modern Indian thought. This work, being the most authoritative depiction of the tantric thought, inspires and exhibits a fresh, new perspective of the human being and his evolution, unlike any previous publication. 

This is an uncommon volume, the first translation of this extraordinary work into a European language of this Varanasi scholar.

Book's details:

Title: Pogląd siaktyjski w literaturze tantrycznej [Shaktic Doctrine in Tantric Literature]

The original title: तान्त्रिक वाङ्मय में शाक्तदृष्टि Tāntrik vāṅmay mẽ śākta-dṛṣṭi

Author: Gopinath Kaviraj

Translation from Hindi: Anna Rucińska
Paperback: 434 pages

ISBN: 978-83-938477-3-0

Publisher: Vivaswan Foundation (2014)

Cost: 80 zł 


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