Shivasutras of Vasugupta with Kshemaraja's and Varadaraja's commentaries

Shivasutras (Śivasūtra) – the basic philosophical scripture of Kashmiri Shaivism from the 9th century with two commentaries: Śivasūtravimarśinī of Ksemaraja and Śivsūtravārttikam of Varadarāja; the latter one translated for the first time in history. Shiva Sutras contain the philosophy of the Shaivite yoga, which is closely related to the philosophy of art. This text commenced the field of knowledge called 'the doctrine of vibration' (spanda), which still inspires many people to wonder about the mysteries of the universe. 

This publication also contains the original Sanskrit sutras written in the Devanagari alphabet, as well as the transcription, and an extensive glossary-index of Sanskrit terms. The vast commentary of Kshemaraja encompasses also numerous quoting of Sanskrit works from the rich tantric literature, translated in a way that reflects a not only their content, but also their poetic beauty.

The translation is a result of many years’ research work of an outstanding expert in Sanskrit and Indian literature and poetess, Dr. Anna Rucińska. This is the first and only publication of Shiva Sutras in the Polish language, designed for both indological circles, as well as people demonstrating a keen interest in yoga, meditation and Indian culture. 

The publication was subsidized by the Embassy of the Republic of India in Warsaw.

Book's details:

Title: Siwasutry [Shiva Sutras]
The original title: Śivasūtram, Sivasūtra-vimarśinī, Śivasūtra-vārttikam 
Author: Vasgupta
Translation: Anna Rucińska
Hardcover: 308 pages
ISBN: 978-83-938477-4-7
Publisher: Vivaswan Foundation (2015)
Cost: 70 PLN

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