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Saundāryalaharī - Surge of Beauty

"Surge of Beauty" (Saundāryalaharī) - is a special work in the output of the great poet Shankaracharya, yogi and philosopher. It expresses the views of the South Indian Shakti school called Shri Vidya, and more specifically its doctrine called Samaya, so perfectly that its followers consider "Surge of Beauty" to be one of the most fundamental works of that school. It worships the Supreme Being in his feminine aspect of creative power, the Shakti. 

Śivānandalaharī - Surge of Shiva's Happiness

"Surge Shiva's Happiness" (Śivānandalaharī) - is a Sanskrit hymn composed by Adi Siankaracharya, one of India's greatest philosophers and a yogi. He is believed to have written it at Shrishailam, the "Beautiful Mountain", in South India in the temple of the Shiva, known there by the name 'Mallikārjuna'. Mallikārjuna literally means the Arjuna tree entwined with jasmine. This temple, while being one of the 12 most sacred Shivaite shrines, is also one of the most sacred places or shrines to the Goddess. God Siva and his spouse, the Power of the World, are worshipped in this place and in this hymn as the inseparable unity, signifying a state of absolute fulfillment. 

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