शिवस्वरोदयः प्राचीन स्वर विज्ञान

शिवस्वरोदय ः is a Sanskrit text on yoga translated into Polish. It focuses on the interconnection between the breath and the functioning of the human. Two breath flows – once more free through the right nostril, the other time through the left one, are related to the cycle of activity and quiescence of the vital functions. Svara-yoga, in other words, yoga of the stream of breath, is a description of how to interpret both types of breath, as well as how to control them. In addition, the book describes some other qualities of the breath. Proper breathing harmony combined with human activity, finds its reflection in efficiency at work and love, ensuring health and long life.

Book's details:
Title: Siwaswarodaja. Starożytna nauka o oddechu [Śivasvarodhaya. Ancient Science of Breath]

The original title: शिवस्वरोदयः (Śiva-svarodaya)

Author (Translation from Sanskrit): Anna Rucińska
Hardcover: 108

ISBN 978-83-938477-8-5

Publisher: Fundacja Vivaswan (2016)

First Published: Wydawnictwo Miniatura (2009)

Cost: 30 PLN 

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