Ganges Dreaming - Shivaratri 2003

Autor / Author: Eric Hiss 
Miejsce i Czas / Place and Date: Varanasi 02.2003 
Music background: तेरे बिना दिल लागे ना  ("bez/oprócz ciebie serce niczego nie chce" / "without/except you my heart doesn't like anything")
Opis / Description: Fusing the images, sounds and textures of India with a compelling soundtrack, "Ganges Dreaming" takes the music video category to unexplored territory. Instead of posing dancers and lip-synching artists, Ganges Dreaming is a transcendent experience created via a kinetic, non-linear journey through a striking palette of spontaneous images shot entirely on location by wandermelon's Eric Hiss alongside the Ganges in the ancient city of Varanasi. Filmed during Shivaratri, an important Hindu religious festival, "Ganges Dreaming" relies on the random unfolding of events on location and inspired editing instead of calculated performances to create a mythic journey to the soul of one of the world's most ancient and profound cultures. (Text by: wandermelon. Where the Journey begins