Pandit Deobrat Mishra

Sitar, Surbahar player, Song writer, music composer.
The Son of Pandit Shivnath Mishra a legend of Sitar from Bananas. 
Deobrat Mishra has an energetic and innovative playing style with typical features like selectivity, melody and rhythmic complexity. 
His playing style is very original and unique in the sense that he plays Banarasi Thumri on the sitar, combining it with Dhrupad and Khayal styles of singing, creating a rare new style 
He is “All India Radio” Graded Artist, ICCR Impanelled Artist. 
Deobrat Mishra represents the 11th generation of the Banares Gharana tradition.
As a young child he studied tabla with his mother Mrs. Pramila Mishra, who was the granddaughter of the well - known tabla player Pandit Baiju Mishra of Banares. He started by studying vocal music with his father at the age of five and began his sitar lessons a year later. That same year, after only six months of studying the sitar, he gave his first public performance on stage. 
Since 1994 he has been touring
throughout Europe with his father. In the
same year, he was chosen to receive the
award of Young sitar player of India by
Youth Festival. In 2000 he received
award of Sur Mani in Mumbai. His many
projects include music workshops, solo
performances for radio and television as
well as world music programs with Indian
and European artists. Moreover, he
provides music lessons at the Academy
of Indian Classical Music, the school he
founded along with his father, Pandit Shivnath Mishra in 2006.
He received a Masters degree in sitar from the Prayag Sangit Samiti in Allahabad. 
In 2005, he performed and recorded an album 
with Western Symphony Orchestra, the Surbahar and a Orchestra del Piemonte in Torino, Italy.
An Indian Sitar, music composer. In 2010, Deobrat Mishra played with Indian musicians in Denmark for Global Voices of He is an percussion. Musicians from all over the world performed and Deobrat Mishra represented Indian music in this festival. Deobrat Mishra represented 
conducting an Orchestra of 108 sitar players in 
Varanasi, India. The Total number of musicians who performed were 151, including Tabla and Flute players. The piece 
was composed by Pandit Shivnath Mishra.
He is a performing member of groups like India Meets Europe in Luxembourg, Indo European Music Ensemble in Italy, Trio Benares in Germany and Embryo in Germany, Open Strings in Austria and Soul of Benares in India. With his Father and nephew, Prashant Mishra on tabla, their group, "Music of Benares" tours around the world annually. 
Above all, Deobrat Mishra serve as one of India’s leading cultural ambassador of our times. 
Performed in:
* Sankat Mochan Music Festival - Varanasi 

* Dhrupad Mela - Varanasi 

* Suberbun Music cercle - Mumbai 

* Tirupati Balaji Temple - Tirumala 

* Tanjavor - Tanjavor 

* Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry 

* Bharat Nivas - Auroville 

* Matunga Center - Mumbai 

* India Habitat Center - Delhi 

* U.P. Sangget Natak Akadmi - Lucknow 

* Bharat Bhawan - Bhopal 
2005, he performed and recorded an album with Western Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra del Piemonte, in Torino, Italy 
Performed with International Music Groups:
*Atlantis Trio
*Mandoki Soulmates 
*India meets Europe 
*Open Strings 
*Trio Benares 
*Indo European Music Ensemble 
*India meets Europe 

* Maharaja Vibhuti Narayan Singh Award 2017 

* Kashi Ratna 

* Awarded by Maharaja of Benares for Surbahar 

* Youth Festival award 1994 (Gov. of India) 
* Swar Mani Award 2000 (Sur Singar Samsad Mumbai) 
* Achievers award 2022 (Dainik Jagaran)
International Awards:
*Best German Jazz critics Award 2016  for album “Trio Benares” (Germany)
*Visionary award in World music for his album “YOGA MANTRA” 2021 (USA)
*2021 Yoga Mantra album considered for Grammy Awards.

* Soul of Benares (2013) – Bihaan Music 

* India Meets Europe (2012) - Amnesty International, Luxembourg 

* Sitar Jugalbandi (2011) - Bihaan Music 

* Sound of Meditation (2011) - Bihaan Music 

* Gandharva Indoeuropean Music Ensemble (2009) - Amiata Records, Italy 

* Milan (2009) - Bihaan Music 

* Soul of Sitar (2007) - T-Series 

* Emotions of Sitar (2007) - T-Series 

* Sound of Sitar (2006) - T-Series 

* Sitar Jugalbandi (2006) - T-Series 

* Cororchestra del Piemonte (2005) - La Stampa, Italy 

* Raga Cycle (2004) - Soundings of the planet, USA